The DAA serves as the single umbrella organization for all recognized sports groups in Dorval, representing them in dealings with the City Leisure & Culture Department.

The Dorval Athletic Association is comprised of volunteers elected annually to represent the interests and concerns of the sports community they represent. They operate in full partnership with the Leisure & Culture department, and amongst its many mandates, acts as an adviser to the City in matters of sports and athletics. All DAA member sports teams and groups be they adult or children, benefit from all the privileges associated with the organization. These privileges vary from subsidized use of City facilities and administrative services, to financial assistance, to volunteer recruitment and development. This ensures that sports in Dorval are governed by the residents and facilitated by the City’s Leisure & Culture department, a concept unique to Dorval and unparalleled in Canada, and also an achievement of which we are extremely proud.

The DAA supports its thirteen affiliated associations by:

  • Involving them in the policy making process for issues pertaining to the sports community
  • Encouraging their participation at Board meetings where ideas are exchanged, information is shared, and solutions to various problems are sought.
  • Providing training opportunities to help in the management and operation of finances and the recruitment of members and volunteers
  • Allocating financial grants and support to both associations and individual athletes.
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